iPhotoDraw 2.6

Add text, callout boxes, dimensions, and detailed images to pictures

Documenting and adding other useful information to your photographs is extremely easy and intuitive with iPhotoDraw. Unlike other similar tools, whatever text, shapes, lines, and other annotations that you may add to a picture using iPhotoDraw will be saved in a separate file, thus leaving your original photo intact. It comes with some useful correction and editing tools to help you also to enhance your best images with ease.

This completely free tool has clearly been designed to be useful for all types of users. No specific knowledge or previous experience with image editing tools is required, thanks to the program’s high level of intuitiveness. You can easily add any text, shape, line, or image and customize their appearance with just a few clicks. You can move and resize any of those elements just by using your mouse intuitively.

Among the tools provided by iPhotoDraw to enhance your images, you will find features to correct the most common exposure mistakes (brightness and contrast levels, for instance) and to add glow or blur effects, as well as number stamps and watermarks to your favorite shots. The program can also take screenshots of your entire desktop or of a selected window or area within it. Its magnifying glass will let you take a snapshot of a specific detail and add it to your composition easily, as well as to pick the color of a specific pixel.

I’ve left for last a feature that you don’t come across with easily in similar apps – the measurement tool. The program lets you measure (both vertically and horizontally) any section of the screen, and therefore, of any object in your photo. Measurements can be shown in pixels, print units, or “real-world units”. To use the latter, you will need to define the spatial scale first, so the program has a reference when defining the real length or height of the section selected. You can even add a scale bar to your image, so anyone looking at it has also a faithful reference of the Likewise, you can also measure angles with iPhotoDraw, and display them on your photos together with the right number of degrees.

Many commercial image editing and annotation tools offer you less functionality and certainly a lower level of usability than those offered by iPhotoDraw. This excellent free tool will help you improve the quality of your photos and keep your image library fully documented and nicely organized.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Extremely easy to use and intuitive
  • Good choice of photo effects
  • Allows you to correct exposure mistakes and enhance your pictures
  • Annotations and other elements are saved separately
  • Support for measurements and scale bars
  • Takes screenshots of your desktop


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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